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Its really a rather simple philosophy and consists of two major parts.

1. The all important INSANE FACTOR

2. B.L.A.T (Break Late and Turn)

You will find that once these two factors have been totally mastered - there is virtually no situation that can't be recovered from (or so we are told).

Some important points to remember when driving like an absolute insane bastard (on closed roads)

  • Don't take your eyes off the road to ogle the cheer leader girlies - as tempting as it may be it often results in an un-nice incident that consists of  your view changing horrendously quickly. Something like this ... GROUND ground ground ground ground, SKY sky sky sky sky, GROUND ground ground ground ground, SKY sky sky sky sky - you get the picture. Anti-good!

  • Always keep the needle on the tacho just under that little red line or else ... booom clack clack clack followed by much swearing.

  • When in Doubt - KEEP THE WOOD IN

  • If you think that its gonna hurt - It probably will.

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