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dato1-eng.jpg (105995 bytes)

The Powerplant of DATO1 (check out those carbies)

dato2-eng.jpg (81884 bytes)

The Powerplant of the second beast. Again with the Carbies

dato1-int.jpg (68425 bytes)

Interior by George (dato1)

dato2-int.jpg (69360 bytes)

Interior by Steve (and Cigarette Lighter - makes it sooo much easier to remove those pesky bits of carpet!)

flares.jpg (55352 bytes)Check out the Flares on that Baby!! Does that make u horny?

supcarlos.jpg (61577 bytes)

Supa-Carlos (Carl) in the Parts Department - looking for something cool to make a datsun go faster!

morebits.jpg (76452 bytes)

Its amazing what you can buy for a dozen beer these days.

the new toy.jpg (46698 bytes)

And it has to be shown - when u wanna go somewhere fast and the datsun just isnt fast enough - then u buy a subaru legacy, put a WRX motor and RA Gearbox in it, hang on and grin. oh life is sweet. heheheheh